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Until the Day

Hear the story of Jesus' birth

Until the Day: The Birth of the Messiah is a new work by Ginny Lamoureux and St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church for the season of Advent. Join us for a 5-part audio story that brings to life the narrative of Christ’s birth like you’ve never heard it before. Be transported between the lines of scripture and beyond our rote familiarity to visit ancient Israel in the days of the Lord’s birth. Hear the joys and sorrows, the fear and hope, of those who awaited the coming of the Messiah.

When and where can i listen?

Until the Day will be released each Sunday, and on Christmas Eve, throughout the season of Advent. It's available on YouTube and Facebook.

The team that brought this project to life

Cast (in order of appearance)
  • Elizabeth: Janis Stillings
  • Narrah: Maggie Pitka
  • Abigail: Judi Gugel
  • Zechariah: Bob Cecil
  • Gabriel: David Lamoureux
  • Anna: Ginny Lamoureux
  • Mary: Stephanie Jenkins
  • Joachim: Scott Hutchison
  • Padma: The Rev. Paulette Magnuson
  • Rabbi Haviv: Larry Magnuson
  • Joseph: Tim Jenkins
  • Simon: Ben Wilson
  • Tabitha: Lily Kenney
  • Daya: Sarah Wilson
  • Rhoda: Sarah Carlson
  • Stranger 1: Larry Magnuson
  • Stranger 2: The Rev. Paulette Magnuson
  • Ira: Shawn Martin
  • Levi: Forrest Fairley
  • Naomi: Sharon Spencer
  • Ezra: David Lamoureux
  • Aaron: The Rev. Andrew Van Kirk
  • The Angel: Shawn Martin
  • Writer & Director: Ginny Lamoureux
  • Assistant Director: Stephanie Jenkins
  • Production, Sound Design, Art: Tim Jenkins
  • Executive Producer: The Rev. Andrew Van Kirk