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Westridge Campus


A handcrafted liturgical church for thoughtful Christians.

St. Andrew’s Westridge is a worshipping community to comfort, challenge, and inspire one another with the love of God revealed in Jesus Christ our Lord. Each week we combine the ancient roots of the Church's sacred liturgy with contemporary acoustic music and Biblical preaching that has relevance to our daily suburban lives.

As a campus plant, rather than a new church plant, St. Andrew's Westridge is able to share in the life of St. Andrew's more broadly. From the work as Christ's Hands & Feet in the world that is central to our identity as a church to Vacation Bible School and our senior outings, those who worship at St. Andrew's Westridge share in the life of the larger church.

Westridge Kids Flowering the Cross with Fr. Andrew

Location - East Frisco / West McKinney

St. Andrew's Westridge meets at Mooneyham Elementary School (2301 Eden Dr) just east of Independence Pkwy on the border between west McKinney and east Frisco. Worship is held in the "cafetorium" and the children go to the gym for Children's Church (don't worry, signage makes all this easy to find on Sunday morning).

If church in a school makes you hesitate, please jump ahead to our FAQ.

Worshipping at Westridge

Our Westridge Campus continues St. Andrew's tradition of sacred, liturgical worship combined with practical Biblical preaching. Music is largely contemporary, but without the rock band feel and with traditional hymns included in each service. Each week we gather around the Lord’s table for Holy Communion.

Nursery care (for ages 3 and under) and Children's Church (age 3-5th grade) are offered each Sunday.

Worship lasts 1 hour, give or take 5 minutes.

Westridge Musicians


Fr. Andrew Van Kirk serves as the campus priest at Westridge. You can read more about him and his family, and listen to, watch, or read his recent sermons.

Our music is lead by the immensely talented husband and wife duo of Tim and Stephanie Jenkins. They have a wide knowledge of Christian music, and aim not just to make beautiful music but lead us in beautiful worship.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Doesn’t worshipping in an elementary school feel strange?

Honestly, yes, at least the first time. But our talented members do a great job making it look and feel like a sacred space each week (the pictures on this page will give you some idea, but it’s best to see it in person). Be bold! If you can make it from the parking lot inside, we’ll make it feel like church.

What’s the best part about worshipping in a school?

You can relax, because it’s hard to be stuffy in a cafetorium! We want to take some stress off, particularly for families. Our sweet spot is young kids, especially energetic ones. They love that there’s room to run, jobs to help out with. At Westridge kids have the chance to be a part of church each week, rather than a problem.

Is there a long term vision for the development of this campus?

Yes. But that vision is first and foremost about being a Christian community of encouragement, comfort, and worship. It would be great to have a dedicated space to worship and gather, but we are focused more on who Christ is calling us to be rather than where we are to be.

Why would I choose to go to St. Andrew’s Westridge rather than St. Andrew’s McKinney Ranch (or another church with a traditional building)?

There are lots of potential reasons:

  • Because you live nearby
  • Because you like contemporary music without the rock band feel
  • Because Fr. Andrew’s style of preaching and teaching helps you hear God’s Word
  • Because you’re the sort of person who likes to build something and have an influence
  • Because you believe the mission of sharing the gospel in our growing community is more important than a comfy pew
  • Because you want a church small enough for you to be known and know others
  • Because God is calling you here

Like we said, there are lots of reasons. But ultimately no website can answer whether St. Andrew’s Westridge is the right fit for you. Come and see!