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In the Community

We want St. Andrew's to be a source of community, encouragement and support for our congregation and our neighbors.

St. Andrew’s Hands & Feet Social Transformation Ministry enables believers to live sacramentally, seeking and serving Christ in all people. We take a two-fold approach: to "help the helpers" in our area by supporting those doing work that aligns with our call, and to address gaps in the services provided in our mission field.

Helping the Helpers

To avoid offering redundant services, we emphasize building relationships with folks at organizations and agencies in the area who are as committed as we are to serving those in need. We currently offer opportunities to serve through the following organizations;

  • Community Lifeline Center
  • Hugs Cafe
  • Gateway of Grace
  • Ragan's HOPE
  • Shiloh Place
  • The Samaritan Inn

BlessMobile Menu SignBlessMobile

The BlessMobile is our church on wheels!

In late 2015, a small group met to pray and talk through ideas for new ministry. Right from the start, they knew something special was going on. In January 2016, the team packed up tables, chairs and crock pots of soup and headed over to an area of our mission field that we knew was suffering from food insecurity.

The BlessMobile's debut run fed 50 people. Ten months out, we serve 75-100 people per month, on the 4th Sunday of the month, when, as Father Mike says, "There's more month than money left." We have added Taco Tuesday and serve 50-60 people monthly. The BlessMobile's meals are healthy and homemade and we sit together to break bread as neighbors rather than just handing out plates.

Each month we give "extras" — books for children, pantry items, hats and gloves. We also offer prayer and are frequently asked to lay hands on people to pray for healing.

In January 2017, we will launch our mobile kitchen in a 14 foot, custom built trailer, which will allow us to increase our local impact and  feed first responders and victims in the aftermath of natural disasters.

Read more about The BlessMobile in our blog. 

How can you help?

Little Libraries

In an effort to promote literacy-friendly communities, in 2016, members of St. Andrew's built, painted and installed seven little free libraries in our mission field. Libraries can be found at Burks Elementary School, Community Lifeline Center, Holy Family School, Hugs Cafe and the Samaritan Inn.

We also gifted a library and several hundred books to the Community of Sandbranch in Dallas, the last unincorporated settlement in Dallas county where living conditions are horrendous.

Make sure to check out the little library on the St. Andrew's McKinney campus next time you're here. Feel free to take a book or leave one for someone else!

Little Hands and Feet

Little Hands and Feet is a very direct link to our "children and family first" approach. It allows opportunities for our kids to serve other kids and parents to be able to serve alongside their sons and daughters. Little Hands and Feet nurtures young hearts and encourages them to step fully into their roles as servants in Christ.

Email us if you'd like to receive periodic updates and invitations to events.

Community Tours

Join us for a Community Tour of our mission field!  Get to know the mission field so you might pray more intentionally for our community partners, area Title I schools and others. During the 1.5 hour community Tour, we share a vast amount of information about the area, our partners and our ministries — for more intentional prayer. Tours generally last 1-1.5 hours and include several stops throughout McKinney.  We stop but do not get out of the vehicle, and we discuss the areas, the organizations, and our involvement or potential involvement.  We begin and end each tour with prayer, and stop frequently for prayer “breaks” throughout.

Schedule a tour by clicking here.

Get Involved and Stay Informed

The Hands & Feet Social Transformation Ministry is grounded in prayer for our mission field, our partners and our social transformation, ministry. Click here for our monthly prayer journal.

Please email questions, requests or interest in sharing your talent or time: .

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