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Multiply Campaign


We’ve embarked upon an exciting and ambitious project to build an addition to our current building. But what God really is calling us to is not addition, but multiplication - the multiplication of God's love in our lives and in the community.

December 2018 Update

Progress on the remodeled portions of our existing building is going well. Below you can see what will eventually become the music room, as it looks in mid-December. We anticipate getting access to these rooms (what used to be the offices) in mid-January and being able to grow into these spaces.

Future Music Room

The new building expansion is coming along too -- in the form of foundation prep. The foundation will be poured before the end of the year.

Foundation Prep for the Building Expansion

Elevation of Building Expansion Funded by Multiply Campaign


(Download the complete Multiply Brochure here.)

  • appox. 3700 sq ft addition that will multiply our available classroom space by 3.5x
  • a large multipurpose room that will enable large groups to meet without resetting the Great Hall
  • Sunday mornings will include study and discipleship for all ages, as adult and youth will be able meet at the same time as children's programming
  • music and youth ministries will have space of their own
  • a playground will bring children and families together for fun and fellowship
  • Sunday mornings will include study and discipleship for all ages
  • more opportunities to build relationships and community on campus
  • new pantry and storage spaces will allow our Hands & Feet and BlessMobiles ministries to grow and function more easily

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Pray With Us

Almighty God, generous Father, who can multiply our gifts beyond what we can imagine: bless us as we seek to multiply your name in our hearts and in our community, that we may have the bracing courage and wide generosity to give of our blessings so that you may nourish your people, redeemed by the love and sacrifice of your son, Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and The Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.


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