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Sunday, November 04, 2018

Coordinator: Rev. Andrew Van Kirk

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WHY is my stewardship pledge important to St. Andrew?

The funds pledged to St. Andrew’s during the stewardship campaign are the funds that our finance committee will rely on in establishing St. Andrew’s budget for next year. Insufficient stewardship pledges can result in reduction of the amounts allocated to fund outreach ministries, salaries, programming, etc. It is vitally important that each of us pledges to St.Andrew’s during the stewardship campaign in order that St.Andrew’s will have sufficient resources to continue serving our congregation and community.

HOW MUCH does the Stewardship Campaign need to raise?

God has blessed St. Andrew’s tremendously with the long-awaited expansion of our building, which gives us the opportunity to expand not only our physical footprint, but our spiritual footprint as well. In addition to budget increases for mortgage payments, insurance and utilities, we will also need to increase our budget in order to take advantage of new opportunities to provide additional programming, pastoral care, fellowship, and ministries. In order to maintain our current operating costs and provide for these budget increases, the goal for the stewardship campaign is $615,000.00, which is an increase of approximately 10% over our 2018 operating costs.

WHAT can I do to help?

We need your pledge! Please bring your completed pledge card to church on Sunday, November 11, 2018. If you pledged last year, please consider increasing the amount of your pledge this year, as you are able, to help cover the budget increases described above. If you are new to St. Andrew’s and/or to pledging to the stewardship campaign please prayerfully consider making this important financial commitment to St. Andrew’s.