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The New Fire at Easter

04.09.20 | by Fr. Andrew Van Kirk

The New Fire at Easter

    The new fire of Easter is kindled in the darkness of the night before Easter morning. The light from the flame is a sign of the life of the risen Lord, rising this night from the darkness of death. Usually we kindle the new fire of Easter outside the church at the beginning of the Easter Vigil service, and from this new flame, we light the Paschal Candle which burns throughout the Easter season as a sign of the light of Christ.

    This year we cannot gather for the Easter Vigil service.

    Instead, use this service to light the Easter fire at your house. You can light a candle, light a fireplace, light a firepit or even make a bonfire – just find a way to kindle a fire and pray, by yourself or with your family members, the beautiful prayers printed here. The person who is leading the prayers is the “Officiant,” but feel free to divide up the prayers as seems most suitable for your family. And if you’re by yourself just say it all.

    Download a PDF of the Service of Light: Kindling the Easter New Fire suitable for printing.

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