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2019 Photo Directory

04.24.19 | by Fr. Andrew Van Kirk

    Have you ever had that experience at church where you recognize someone by face, but can't quite grab hold of their name in that brain of yours? Everyone has this feeling from time to time, even your clergy. 

    Because community is such an important part of the Christian life, there are lots of things we do at St. Andrew's to try to help us get to know one another. This is why we encourage everyone to put on nametags each Sunday, to go to brunch once a month, and to have coffee and donuts. 

    But it's been a long time since St. Andrew's has produced the most efficient listing of names and faces: the church photo directory.

    This Eastertide (the season of spring after Easter) St. Andrew's is preparing photo directory.

    What We Need From You:

    Most of all, for this to be a success we need your smiling face and we need you to sign up for a portrait slot on May 5 or May 12. If we run out of spots, we'll schedule additional sessions as needed. Seriously, go sign up right now.

    Is This Different From Photo Directories I've Done Before:

    If you've done photo directories in other churches, there's a good chance that it went like this. A portrait company came into church and setup shop. In exchange for the opportunity to sell expensive portrait packages to all the church members, the company would take photos of everyone and produce a photo directory for the church.

    This is NOT what we're doing. Our photos WILL be taken by professional photographers from within the congregation, but this is not a portrait session for your family. There will not be lots of different poses, angles, backdrops. There will not be individual photos. You will not be reviewing the photos live as you go.

    The single goal is to get a single attractive, professional photo of your family.

    Should you really like the final photo, you will be able view it online and order copies or prints, but otherwise, we'll use the photo for its intended purpose in the directory and that's it.

    Low stress and quick. No high pressure sales pitch, but high quality.